Here you have the HubSpot templates you need to create content


Content strategy is a key part of online marketing for your business.

For this reason, HubSpot offers a lot of useful templates for those who know the importance of inbound content.

We know that if you're just getting started, creating content can be overwhelming. So we have tailored the most useful templates this platform offer, explaining you the steps you need to take in order to create your website's content. From creating your potential customers' profiles, to programming content.

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You will find in this eBooK

How to create buyer personas for your business.

What are Buyer Personas?
How do you create Buyer Personas?
Template to create the profile
How can you use Buyer Personas?
Content Mapping template.

What is Content Mapping?

TIP! Start with keywords
Content Mapping template and example
Tips for creating content
Templates for planning your content.

Campaign template according to your Buyer Persona

Calendar Template
Scheduling Template - Blog
Scheduling Template – Social Media


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